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June 13, 2007


Loved the "cute dogs" photo!!! Life is certainly grand lazing about enjoying the bright sun!

He must have been there when she struggled up to be with him, and was too kind to her to jump off! Sometimes the kindness of animals just amazes me.


This is a great photo. They are adorable. I'm not sure which is which. Is noodle on the left and Cody on the right?

Boy shares with wobbly girl; it's a good match! Noodle looks a bit swoony for Cody in this picture too, maybe she has a motive for being so close to him. tee-hee...

Good Morning Steve and Alayne - Can you tell me where you get the dog cots from, or do you make them? My dog is 13 and hates bugs, so he gets the heebie jeebies if he lays outside for long, but he likes being outdoors with me in the yard - one of those would be perfect for him! Thanks and lots of hugs to the gang!

Everybody is getting into that "summer" laid back mood--even Cody! I love this blog!

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