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June 04, 2007


Wow, so glad you are right on top of things---a trip and surgery you did not expect! We'll look forward to updates.

Shirley & James

Cash is a handsome foal....glad surgery went without a glitch. Hope Hannah and Beaver will be OK as well.

Steve-I was relieved to hear that Cash is recovering. Hope that his "horizontal" gardening did not contribute. How is little Miss Widget? I love reading your daily blogs and share them with friends and family.Best wishes to you and Alayne. Regis, Abby and Buster Dalton.

What a relief that you noticed and investigated Cash's abdomen!
I'm so happy to hear his surgery went well.
I certainly hope Beaver's biopsy reveals something minor and treatable.
We'll be hoping for happy, healthy horse returns to the ranch soon.
Please keep us posted on what's discovered with Beaver and Hannah.

I'm glad Cutie Cash is recovering. Never a dull moment huh?

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