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June 27, 2007


I wouldn't get up, either, if I felt as comfortable as he looks.

I see little Bailey is a morning sleep-in schnoozer! What a cute lazy bones.

And blind Cash is some handsome boy. What a beautiful thing to see him grow into such strength and vigor.

Oh, he looks so happy and snuggy! I bet there is still a hint of chill in the morning up there, unlike here in Phoenix...

He is just too cute! Okay--I just have to know--did he cover himself up, or did he have help?

You are definitely getting a look here, Steve! Somewhere between "there better be bacon and eggs ready" and just on the fringe of "stink eye".

That's Bailey for you though, always expressive!

"Wake me up before you go-go!"... what a precious picture.

Well, you know, guys have gotta get a lotta beauty sleep, too! Same as the ladies. Now go away with that flash. Just a few more minutes of "beauty," please.

When we first got our Bailey I got up early to take her for a walk, just in case. After a few days we figured out she would just as soon stay in bed until mid-morning, and she was perfectly capable of "holding it" way beyond that.

Perhaps Bailey is smarter than all of us! He has figured out there is nothing to do before 10 am that he can't do AFTER 10 am. I say stay under the blankets as late in the day as possible, Bailey. :-)

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