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June 17, 2007


Hi Steve,
I was wondering if you had any updates on Kasha? I have a crush on her :)
Thank you,

I LOVED your article about,KASHA!! she is adorable too!! being an animal lover meself..( we have 4 cats,1 rabbit,and a fish as part OF OUR FAMILY) who all live INSIDE our HOME and never go out..( im a bit fanatical with that! we have coyotes and a main road very close so i dont want any of my beloved pets hurt)

we had a few German shepards in our day,and i wish i could meet kasha in person..
( of course then i would want to take her home!) :)

what a wonderful thing you do in montana...I wish there were MORE people like you ,who save animals and give them 2nd chances..

and I HOPE that if i ever get to come to MT again i can visit your beautiful ranch and all the animals you have cared for..
keep up the good work!! Jeannie in New York

You make my Day! Thank you!
As a born and Raised Animal Lover,
Your True Belief and Honest Compassion for Pets is so refreshing and assuring in our day to day negative news.
Kathy, OKC, OK

I think kasha is a very wonderful dog, im glad all her sufferings are over thanks to the great job you do,,,,,,,,,,,,,keep up the good work. stomach literally turns when I hear such tragic stories about these loveable animals. How could we humas be so cruel to helpless animals?! SICK SICK SICK Thank God for Rolling Dog Ranch - I wish I lived closer to participate - Thank you again for all you do. I promise to keep donating. :)

God Bless you all & the wonderful work you all do! There is a special place in heaven for ALL of you!!!

Thanks so much for all you do. You and your sanctuary is an inspiration to me. I would love to one day be able to have a facility similar to that in the southeast. Kasha is beautiful and fortunate to have people such as yourselves to help her. My dog is her lost twin, they look identical!!! How funny!!

So glad that Kasha has arrived to your ranch....a place where she can heal and be a cute, lovable and goofy puppy!!!

Kasha is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations!

The ranch....THANK YOU for being so wonderful to these wonderful loving animal. Steve I enjoy reading about(unless I hear someone not feeling well, then I'm sad)each and everyone of the family there at present I am unable to support you but through prayer and at times written word but better times for me are ahead and it will be such a pleasure to send some finanacial support your way. Keep up the up the heartfelt work you and Alayne are doing. I grew up on an avocado ranch with lots of animals to feed and care for as well. It was the best but it was hard work.

I'm SO happy for Kasha! Her sweetness and fears come across so clearly in the camera lens. Happy and sweet are much more predominant aspects of her and will only increase as she receives and thrives on RDR's philosophies of love and care.

Welcome Kasha, we look forward to seeing more of you!

HOORAY!!!...another miraculous story unfolds at the Rolling Dog Sanctuary! Before I turn my computer off each night I check to see what wonderful incident has transpired during the day at the ranch! The work at the Rolling Dog has inspired and touched me greatly!! As an animal activist and rescuer myself I’ve come to realize how very important it is to financially support non-profit groups like the Rolling Dog Ranch. I know the financial contributions we make are being used to save these beautiful God given creatures. My only wish is I lived closer so I could also be a regular dedicated volunteer. BRAVO to Alayne and Steve you are some of my new heroes.

Welcome Home Kasha!

awwwww.... little Kasha, what a cutie. She'll be fine once she figures out how wonderful life is now. she won't even dream of digging out, she'll just roll and roll and roll...

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