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June 20, 2007


Bailey and Mr. Caterpillar -- you just can't explain some relationships. My mini schnauzer has had a stuffed mini schnauzer toy for nearly nine years. She plays with it every day and it is still in great condition. If I ever find a Mr. Caterpillar in the store I'm buying one -- it's a hoot!

I've been reading about your rescues all evening (I came online to read more after reading about you in Women's World). Bless you, indeed! Callie's story about broke my heart. (And Lena's story. And others.) But such happy endings! I have to agree with the other doxie owners...white fluff everywhere from the hapless stuffed toys!

I have 8 doxies, 4 are mine, the rest I foster, anyway they are all the same, I put down toys and I see white fluff in a matter of minutes, but that is ok, that is what toys are for to tear up and start on new ones, a normal dachshund trait. I love you have 3 they are so cute. Keep up the good work, we need more people like you two. God bless you both, for all the wonderfull things you do for these animals.

Those cots do look very comfortable!

Bailey could be a spokesdog for Mr. Caterpillar's manufacturer. It's only the toughest, yet softest, toys that can withstand a rough and toothly tumble with a dachshund!

This post brought out the sunshine in my day.

How very sweet and cute. Obviously Mr. Caterpillar is in a league of his own or at least for the time being!

Our Beagle has shredded everything in sight, except the one we call her "puppy." It apparently is her cuddly friend and not in the same category as the other stuffed animals.

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