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June 28, 2007


Eventhough Brynn's back at WSU; it's another special place for her to be; filled with love, support and education.
I hope Brynn's UTI problems get solved during her stay at WSU. If her sweet spot can be found in less than a minute; anything is possible!

This answers my question about Miss Brynn. We are thinking of you here in, Michigan! Your infinite and extraordinary good care of Brynn, et al, inspires the work I do with others here. Good luck and we are saying Horses' Haven prayers for Brynn and you.

I will be praying for sweet little Brynn.

What a relief to know that Brynn is the best possible hands/care, and she became a resident of the Rolling Ranch family We will be saying a prayer for her!

Brynn is such a fighter! She's in our prayers that all will go well and that she will get better! Also how is Claude doing? Hopefully he is responding to his
treatments and hanging in there! Sending lots of love to everyone.

Thank you so much for the update on Brynn! I'm saddened to hear that she's facing obstacles again, but I know she'll get the best care in the world at WSU. Her upbeat attitude always astounds me and is an inspiration. Feel better soon Brynn!!!

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