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June 26, 2007



What a beautiful photo of Cash at Rolling Dog Ranch!Thank you for all you do for these special animals! Cash looks like a champion!!!!!!!!!

He did all that growing in three months? Wow! I think that says a lot for devotion, love & whatever you're feeding him! He looks very heathy & handsome. It sure is nice to see the photos together.
Hugs to all,
ginger, Tobias & the cat that came in the dog door

That is a VERY happy, healthy looking horse :)

Wow, he is a hunk of a horse. He's just amazing.

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These are two wonderful photos of handsome Cash! It will be fun to see his beautiful and muscular development as he becomes full grown.
His picture, in particular, gives me an even greater sense of how vital your work is and how blind horses can assume a wonderful and healthy quality of life.

It's hard to believe he was such a little cutie pie just a short time ago. Now, he looks like one of those proud Marlboro ad horses, especially with that gorgeous background - great shot!

He is SO sweet! What you do with these blind horses is truly wonderful. At Horses' Haven in Michigan, our blind horses are also out enjoying the summertime, with their blind and sighted companions. I wonder, often, about Brynn and Claude. How are they doing? Amazing to see sweet Willy go to a loving home...I had a beagle, so it's esp. touching to me.

Cash, you are a handsome boy...maybe a poster boy for advertising the ranch!!!

That boy is BEAUTIFUL!! Wow!! Can't wait to see the web page!

Cash is majestic!

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