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May 31, 2007


We miss Allie so much and this filled out hearts this morning with joy!!! I took lots of video of her but didn't get one of her wiggling under the fence. I love this blog because I can see all the animals that we became so attached to in two short days. I love seeing Emmy Lou jump. This will be a great way to keep up with all the residents at the ranch until our visit next year.

Allie's natural wiggle probably HELPS when she's worming her way under the fence. Sometimes disabilities can be real assets. She's so sweet. Her walking actually seems better than the last time I saw her.
Thanks for sharing these great pix and videos with us.

Even with all her wobbliness...Allie walks with such joy. Love her!

Have a nice weekend, Steve and Alayne!

I have tears in my eyes writing this - the joy and love of life in that beautiful dog! And the tail wagging and wagging. I certainly hope dogs with this condition are not routinely euthanized. Do you know if there is any particular rescue group for dogs with this condition?


oh my! that is the sweetest thing i have ever seen. Allie is so clever. she just wobbles her way where ever she wants- HOW ever it takes. you GO GIRL!

Allie is just so proud of herself for getting under there, she's made her own obstacle course! What a smart girl! Isn't it funny how they like to earn things? That's great!
Hugs to all,
ginger & Tobias

Allie - you are the smartest little "houdini." You are too cute for words!

The best part is watching her walk away all happy with herself - not realizing she's the only one who's figured out how to get past the gate.

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