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April 17, 2007


Hope the visits to the vet will bear good news and that they can then return to the good life at the ranch!

Hoping for good news for Nevada and Brody. Speaking of updates, any news on Turtle's biopsies? Also how are Noodle, Wobbles, Bobby and Joey doing? I think those were the latest who had vet visits.

So good to "see" you guys...I can't access your video's for some reason so I've missed you all over the past few days....and missed seeing your new addition!

Nevada is precious and it's so heartwarming to know how affectionate she is! Really makes you wonder about her abandonment when all she wanted to do was love people up. A sincere thank you to the guy who rescued her from perils; to the shelter and to Dara for her life saving efforts. Nevada will be cherished now.
I do hope the cause for Brody's eye problem is found soon so he can be treated and feel better.

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