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April 18, 2007


That is hilarious! Around our house we call that the "Jedi Mind Trick". Amazing how the other dogs give in, even if they can't see what she's doing.

What a character! I'm so glad we found you for her. That kind of chutzpa deserves a second chance!

Ha! Maybe you didn't catch all the tension, but that contented yawn at the end says it all!! What a happy winner....
By the way, that is a very handy and beautiful ramp that she's on, is it a doggie thing or could I look for it somewhere else?

They are too funny! They are like human. Oscar get's fed up and takes off, while Widget makes himself comfortable. Too Cute!

That is too funny. I guess she realizes that there's a warm spot ready and waiting for her.

I should try that trick at home.

Too funny. One of min pins, Pebbles, uses a similar technique to get toys away from the other dogs, except she uses her rear! She sidles up to the chosen one and starts manuevering her backside towards her opponent's head. If they don't give up in disgust, she will eventually sit on their head. That's the ultimate indignity for the other dogs and a sure way for her to get that toy.

That little stinker! Widget is the funniest...he's really got "The Loom" perfected.

OH my gosh, our 2 lb. 17 year old cat who has kidney and liver failure does this same thing to our 125 lb. dog, Buster, and our 95 lb. dog, Ivan. She wins every time. I think she's been getting tips from Widget behind our backs!

Maybe Widget just likes a prewarmed bed! Other than having what seems to be so wonderful to someone else....what a funny dog! They all have their own quirks & I love getting to see them in action.
Big hugs,
ginger & Tobias

Judging by the yawn, I'm guessing that looming is tiring work!

What a tyrant! Too funny.

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