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April 02, 2007


What two beautiful little girls,
I know they will recieve much love on the ranch, God Bless Them.

It is so wonderful to know that there is a place such as yours. The only problem, there is not enough of them or people to run them. Iknow i would probably never be able to run one but if i could get out there i would surly work in one. No animal deserves the things they go through and its nice to know there are people who care. Keep up the good work. It is well worth it. All animals are beautiful

You are the most wonderful people. These animals are so lucky!!!

What I wouldn't give to be able to start a place like yours in Illinois so that I could have joy in my life everyday!

Your animals are beautiful creatures.

Wow! What wonderful dogs, and to take them in when other people thought that they should put down. It makes me happy to think that you gave them a second chance at life!

It is SO good to know these girls are being cared for. Thanks for all the great things you do for these beautiful animals.

RDR is as wonderful as this world gets. Thank you thank you thank you!

The girls look so happy! Thank you very much for taking them in! I am the proud owner of their sister Fidget and a volunteer and the North Central Iowa Humane Society. I feel lucky every day for having Fidget and having the opportunity to meet such great dogs. They truley touched my heart and will always have a special place in it. Thank you again for the wonderful things you do every day!

It is so nice to hear that these two found their forever home. We adopted "Tipsy", now known as "Bodey" from the same litter as these girls. You explain them perfectly -- Bodey too is such a happy guy -- the smile and small barks as he gallops to greet me makes my day -- He puts things in perspective for me daily! You've got a wonderful place there.

Thank God they are there!!!

Welcome to the ranch! Wobbles and Noodle, you two are precious!

Danielle, you have a heart of gold!

You there at the ranch are INCREDIBLE ! Big Hug. Welcome girls.

WOW is all I can say. What a beautiful story & beautiful photo, I've got goosebumps! To the shelter who contacted you rather than euthanizing these gorgeous dogs - THANK YOU. So many shelters would have ignored the beauty of these girls & not have given them a chance at life. And of course, THANK YOU to RDR for taking them in and giving them a good life. You do amazing work!

Welcome Noodle and Wobbles - 2 of the cutest dogs I have ever seen. I can't wait to see them in action ! Steve and Alayne - what you have done with the ranch is amazing. To know such special girls have a place to live, play and know love makes the world a better place.

What beautiful girls you have in your arms there, Steve! Noodle & Wobbles are really lookers! They look so happy & content with you. I'm so glad they are at the marvelous RDR where they will get the best care & lots of TLC. They will have lots of new friends to play with once they can leave the isolation cottage. Welcome to the RDR, ladies! You've arrived!
Big welcome hugs,
ginger & Tobias

Congrats on the new arrivals - and welcome, Wobbles and Noodle! That is a heartwarming story and I wish everyone at the ranch the absolute best. You do such wonderful work...Happy Spring!!! :)

Welcome to the ranch girls and a life with a future!

Such beauties with a happy ending/new beginning!!! Thier joy of "being" shines through even the pictures. Congratulations to you all that have helped them find a way home.

This picture doesnt need a lot of comments it speaks for itself!! Welcome to the ranch you two!! This makes my day today!!
Lots of love to the ranch from Phoenix!

Yes, I've met Allie in person. So if you say that your new pups are more challenged than that, I can only stand in awe. But a merciful providence (with the help of the folks in the shelter) has brought them to the best place in all the world for them to live. Bless you two for finding space on your pretty-much-at-capacity ranch and in your infinitely capacious hearts for these two sweet girls.

Congratulations on the newest additions to the Rolling Dog Ranch family! It is a breath of fresh air to know that there are people all over caring and making a difference in the lives of our 4 legged friends. Thanks to the people that cared about Noddles and Wobbles at the shelter and to you Steve, Alayne and all those that help at the Rolling Dog Ranch. Hopefully this summer we will have the
opportunity to come to volunteer and visit!

Noodles and Wobbles are so beautiful; their coats, eyes and personalities are brilliant!
Their story is touchingly told by you, Steve and by Danielle.

Danielle, you have given these young girls a wonderful, and their lives will be filled with love, understanding, companionship and care at Rolling Dog Ranch.

Welcome to the ranch sweet girls!

What a couple of adorable kids and how lucky they are to have found RDR. They look very relaxed with their surrogate mother "Steve". I can't wait to meet them!

Are they ever sweet? You guys are amazing! Our current dog was found in a dumpster with his litter mates and mom. We know that he has no memory of that horror and though he does not have the challenges these girls do, he, too, may have met a different fate. You do the work I wish I could do everyday!

From the Big Dog's Porch to Rolling Dog Ranch, we would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you for making this dream possible for Noodle and Wobbles. We have been following their story for some time now and are all ecstatic that they have finally found their HOME.

Dana Montero, RVT, CCN
BDP Pack Leader

Wow! what pretty girls..I know you will make these girls even happier in their new home.
I check your blog every morning and sometimes its a really sad one and other mornings like today its just sheer joy.
Thanks for being there to look after these guys and let them know they are loved.

I have been refreshing your blog off and on all night just waiting for this update!! I have tears of joy streaming down my face for the girls. Thank you so much for taking them in. Weebles (their brother) and I miss Noodle like crazy but I can't even begin to express how overjoyed I am for them.

On behalf of the Humane Society of North Central Iowa, our staff, and volunteers who fell in love with these girls, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Danielle Breiholz
Board Secretary
Humane Society of North Central Iowa

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