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March 29, 2007


Kiowa certainly has a strong spirit and strong set of personal rules; who cares what his best pal does? He's his own master, right? Except when it comes to a little bribery, then he's all butter! Fun post, Steve!

Very clever Kiowa!

That is a very beautiful picture.

Funny thoughts :) Wish I was there, looks like fun.

When I was a kid, I had a pony that would do the same thing. She would only come for me and only with a little grain bucket. Good ole Blaze! Tee hee thanks for always bringing a smile to my face and for the flashback today!

Bribery works! :) We often use it at Horses' Haven. It seems the horses trick us, too. We had a mare who was not interested in her grain. We were worried but she went to the hay racks just fine...We finally realized that what she wanted...She wanted to be fed along the fence line that faced the nearby gelding pasture...she is a consumate flirt and needed to be within view and able to view her boyfriends!

P.S. Good luck sweet Turtle! :)

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