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March 27, 2007


Brody looks so incredibly happy & content - I love that big smile! It's a bummer that surgery wont help him see again, but being blind sure doesnt seem to interfere with him enjoying the good life. Thank you again for taking care of him, and ALL of the animals there. I hope that Turtle's mystery illness can be discovered and treated.
I'll keep checking back for updates =)

I'm involved with the PETSCOMEFIRST group that sent Brody to you. I also work at the shelter where he was turned in. He looks so happy! I can't express how pleased we are that he was able to come to you. I want to reserve a space for myself in a few years.

YOU GUYS take such GREAT care of your housemates. God love ya! My best to Turtle. Looks cold.

Brody looks happy just going for a ride!
I'm worried about Turtle; her symptoms are the same as when my cat was diagnosed with a hyper thyroid but I'm sure there are other reasons for changes you've seen in Turtle.
Please let us know what you find out from the vet and we'll keep paws crossed that she's be feeling and looking well soon!

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