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March 26, 2007


Stories, like this one, pains me and breaks my heart ... One of the many reason why I enjoy the company of dogs better than humans. Why own a pet if you aren't going to pledge loyalty until the very end? We're all going to get old, disabled in some way and die someday. I'm happy to hear that Sweetie received some medical care at the end. A big thank you to RDR for all the good deeds you do to help our furry friends.

This breaks my heart! I will never understand how people can be so cruel and lack the most basic compassion. We had to make the same decision for our 12 yr old foster dog, Lilly, on Monday, March 19th. She had similar symptoms that morning. We were w/her at the end. I'm grateful that Sweetie had someone caring w/her at the end too, though it should have been her loving family. I hope the karma boomerang comes back to those people one day.

If I had a dime for animal dumped at a shelter or by the side of the road because it was old, sick, injured or the kids were bored with it, Rolling Dog Ranch would get a hell of a donation.

I've seen just about all in my years in rescue but the dumping of a lifelong companion at a shelter hurts me the most; even more than inhuman cruelty cases. I look at my own beloved dogs and cannot imagine the lack of empathy that allows someone to leave a family pet in a strange, confusing and stressful place to spend the last few hours of its life.

I just never get that.. how human beings can be so cold, so distant. I want to believe that this girl had a very wonderful life with a wonderful owner who maybe passed away and the others dumped, so this was short term for her. Breaks my heart nontheless! So sorry that she did not have a chance to come and live with you. SO SAD :(

stupid humans!
I'm sure your old Pappy has taken care of her at the Rainbow Bridge.

Poor sweet girl,at least she was with someone who cared when she passed,unlike her owners.A shame that the dear didn't get a chance to have a little bit of happiness at the's sad there are so many unwanted and unloved animals that need help in this world and that we can't save them all.We will sure try our darndest though!Thanks Steve & Alayne for caring for all the sweet animals there at the ranch,God Bless you both.Love, Elaine & my 4 furbabes

Thank goodness Sweetie had a friend at the end. I'm just so sorry she didn't make it to the RDR! How sad. Unfortunately, this happens much too often....bless her.
ginger & Tobias

This story frustrates me....the nerve of her humans to dump her because of her age and her physical difficulties! I certainly know, as well you do, that the decision to let an animal go over the rainbow bridge is not easy one. There is no excuse in the world for their abandoning this loyal dog! The only bright spot in all of this is the lady from the shelter that you describe as kind and compassionate. She is truly an angel! I am glad that she was there when this precious dog breathed her last breath.

Here's another point that disturbs me: her humans couldn't even let the shelter know the dog's real name...the shelter had to name her?!!! These people should never be allowed to own another animal again!

Sweetie's story is heartbreaking and I hope Karma comes into play for those who dropped her at the shelter with zero sensitivity and compassion.

I do feel comforted in knowing that Sweetie was in loving hands as she passed from her body. I'm sure that wouldn't have been the case had she remained in her former home.

Her ending is sad but she was safe, treated with love and even enjoyed a walk during her brief time at the shelter. Those are the positive aspects to remember Sweetie by.

This crushes my heart and burns me up at the same time. The true character of a person can be seen in how they treat their pets. I am relieved that Sweetie had loving people to help her in the end. Thanks for letting us know about this sweet girl.

That is so sad.... it really sickens me how people can be so callous about their "pets" at either end of the age scale - the other morning while walking my dog in about 25 deg. weather, I noticed a box along side the road that had not been there the evening before. Surprise surprise, some degenerate had put two newborn kittens out there to die of exposure, which of course they had. But a poor old faithful friend, even much worse, how sad.

how sad for Sweetie to have to be in a place like that at the end of her life. At least she had a very caring person with her.I never would think of doing that to one of my dogs i have 2 german shepehrds they will be with me until thier time comes to cross the bridge.

I'm so sad with you and so wish Sweetie had been able to have a stay at RollingDog. At least, she was able to spend her last days in loving company. God Bless You All. MaryJane

That is truly heartbreaking. How could someone do that do an apparently sweet animal?

The painful words "if only" are what I can't shake from my mind. SO wrong to ever give up on treasured, older animals when they need us most after always giving thier love and compassion-- "inconvenience" or "we just couldn't give her enough time"-- purely rationalizing. You're right... all of Sweetie's help at the end of her life here tried to overcome these "dumpings" and I deeply admire thier devoted compassion. If only Sweetie, and other "shelter animals" had the lifelong family, devotion they deserve. I know that's why we so appreciate the Rolling Dog Ranch Santuary because it "lives the dream" for even the most challenged animals. We appreciate Sweetie's story as further inspiration to continue to do better.

It's so sad that you can't save them all. I have an old deaf dachshund and I would never just dump him at the pound just because he's old.

I hope that Sweetie had a loving welcome at the Rainbow Bridge. God bless you and all the others who try to save the old forgotten dogs.

How sad!!! People like that shouldn't be allowed to own dogs or any animal for that matter!!!! At least as you said she had the loving hand at the end and more than likely not some tears too!!!

Frankly, I could more easily forgive someone for armed robbery than for abandoning a trusting, loving, old dog just when she needs love the most.

I am speechless and angry!! Some people shouldnt be aloud to have animals...I am so sorry for the loss of Sweetie she would have deserved it to life a peacefull life at the ranch!! Hugs to you all!

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