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February 23, 2007


Our family is stationed with the US Embassy in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia--a country where dogs are not welcomed and are considered dirty. I came across an article about your ranch via I just want to say that you really are doing God's Work looking after those creatures that would be otherwise thrown away. I'm sure it must be hard and at times very stressful, but you are doing what you are meant to do. We will be keeping tabs on your sanctuary :)

All our love,
The Parents of Ben and Bear, strays from NC

(BTW, my heart goes out to you on the passing of Pappy. I am dreading the day when my 13 y/o Pit Bull/Rottie dog passes away--she is the BEST dog I have EVER had. She is living the quiet, relaxed, comfy, slow paced life w/my brother in the states.)

That is amazing. I hope that this exposure brings many more great things for all the wonderful work you and Alayne do. Congratulations.

This is my first visit to your website after seeing the article in People. I was so touched by your story and the amazing work that you do - God Bless you all! I hope the article helps spread your message and helps motivate others to start their own sanctuaries or donate to yours. I will certainly be popping in from time to time to keep up on these little angels!

Oh my, I'm going to be seen reading a People magazine with Britney on the cover...what will people think!??!? ha..ha..
I look forward to reading the article and will buy a copy simply because the ranch is in it. Yeah!

I had a chance to read your story in this weeks People Magazine and immediately wrote down your web site address. I think what you are doing is inspirational. When I hear the expression "Angels on Earth" I really believe they were describing people just like you two. I'm glad I read your story and I hope that it teaches others to have compassion for the beautiful creatures that share this Earth.

I went out at lunchtime to look for People magazine. Finding it, I bought two copies, one for Kay and me and another for a friend. When I handed them to the perky, young clerk at CVS, she scanned them both, looked at the covers and said, "I guess you're a big fan of Britney!"

Couldn't they have put your story in an issue with ANYONE else on the cover? (Except maybe Anna Nicole).

That's great news! I don't usually read this but LOTS of people do, & it's in every doctor's office & public place that I can think of! The exposure will be fantastic. I will check out the article. Congrats on getting some of the recognization that you so richly deserve! It's only the tip of the iceburg.
Big hugs,
ginger & Tobias

You two are true heroes, to all the animals, and I'm surely speaking ananimously for your "blog fans", too. VERY cool, and appropriate. This is a truly great day hearing Brynn's good progress as well!
ps: I'm really glad you mentioned it because I would otherwise tried hard to avoid more "Britney"!

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