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February 25, 2007


I just found out that Spirit is now in doggie-heaven. I am devastated that she is no longer with us on earth. Thank you for telling me. Her picture still has a special spot in my home and office.

I feel behind, however I just read of Spirits life and then a couple of weeks later her passing. She had already passed when I came to know her . I just did not know. I have grieved for this fur baby.I loved this yorkie. I loved her new parents. I loved the lady who saved her, and the ranch for giving her a second chance. Spirit..may you be in Heaven with all the other yorkies before you, running, yapping, burying treats, stealing toys, squeaking the squeaker, tearing out all the squeakers you want.. We love you. Heaven welcomes you. Although I think it exremely unfair. Take care of Spirit Jesus till we all see her again.

I came this website in a mgazine and i started to read about spirit. I was so happy to read that she was adopted and happy. But then i came across this blog and read that Spirit had passed away. I couldnt stop crying at work and my heart goes out to you. Im so glad Spirit had a chance to enjoy as much life as she could and to know that she is no longer hurting and is in a better place.

The loss of Spirit was truly devasting to Nicci and Glenn. My heart goes out to them both. I love them so much and I know they will open their hearts and homes without delay to the next animal in need. I have never known anyone who cares so deeply about animal rescue and the love she gave Spirit during her last weeks was beyond unconditional. I know this because I am her sister and we spoke daily about this little angel. Nicci and Glenn are a real inspiration and may God Bless them both.

My sympathy goes out to all of you..Nicci and Glen, and Steve and Alayne. Spirit was loved and cared for right to the very end, and she knew that.

I had never thought about it like that, that a dog lives in the moment. So for Spirit, her new life and comfort were a joy and she had a wonderful time and the past was forgotten. That must be a great comfort to everyone, it sure is to me. Blessings to Rolling Dog Ranch and Glen and Nicci for making it possible for Spirit to live in happy moments.

My heart breaks for all of you who have loved Spirit and given her the very best care. Glenn & Nicci had such a short time with her but clearly loved her and gave her a wonderful home here in Tampa. I know from experience that Florida Vet Specialists provide the most advanced vet care in our area. We all know that Glenn & Nicci would have done anything possible for their special little girl. My deepest sympathy to all of you. May you find comfort in your memories.

I am deeply saddened to read about Spirit. Nicci and Glenn my heart goes out to you. Spirit was so lucky to be loved and cared for by you.

Oh, Steve and Alayne, poor little Spirit. Please tell Nicci and Glenn how sorry I am for their loss. Like you, they put out so much effort to make a happy life for a poor little dog that had been abused. The emptiness and loss they must feel is unimaginable. But Spirit will be waiting for them in a a better place, running on all four strong legs and wagging her tail with joy to be reunited with them.

Oh my goodness, this is sad news, however, Steve, I agree with every word you say to Nicci and Glen....she also had her appearance on TV to their credit to spread the news about how lovely disabled pets can be as wonderful have come a good way in understanding that death is a part of life...thanks to all of you and your kindness revolution you allowed to happen in Spirit's behalf. I know she was happy about that.

I'm so sorry to read this, but Spirit had the best of it all the last few months of her life. My sympathy goes out to Nicci & Glenn, you & Alayne. Bless you for giving her such grand care for the time that you had her.
ginger & Tobias

Very nice tribute to a very very special little girl that I was honored to meet. May Sweet Sweet Spirit rest in peace - finally.
Dianne S.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bennett family and also with ya'll at the Rolling Dog Ranch that shared in Spirits life. We could all benefit by the examples that animals exhibit in their ability to forgive and show love and trust again. Her determnation to persevere was and will continue to inspire those that loved her.

Nicci,Glenn, Steve and Alayne--I'm sorry to hear that Spirit died but you all did so much for her. She came so far. I send prayers and love to you all and to little Spirit as she begins this next journey.

Our hearts are sinking for you all, but genuinely comforted by Steve's wisdom about dogs living "in the moment". Spirit's time has been truly priceless with you all (Nicci, Glenn, Steve, Alayne & all her extended Rolling Dog Ranch family). She's been an inspiration to more than you'll ever truly know to bring out our best kindness. Our sincere sympathy for your loss. You are also angels on earth helping animals. I hope/know that is something you'll continue in her honor.

This is heartbreaking news. I was holding myself together rather admirably until the last paragraph and the picture of Spirit the very first day in her "Independence Buggy". Her little eyes shine so brightly.
What a remarkable soul. Thank you for reminding us that other animals forgive and forget so much better than humans.
They live for the moment and their lives are richer for it; it's hard not to mourn when they pass from this world but they don't have the regrets with which we plague ourselves.
Spirit knew so much love and laughter in the time she had with you and with Nicci and Glenn...her tropical cabana "boys". What better place for such a bright spark than the Sunshine State?
I bet there are some lonely, shrivelled hearts that grew ten sizes too big because of the story of the little yorkie that could. Everyone who helped her in her time of need gave her the world and she gave it back.
Shine on Spirit.

Thoughts go out to everyone that was a part of Spirit's life. She touched many people's hearts.....

aww this is a happy ending we need more people like you in this world..

I am so, so sad to hear about Spirit's death. What an emotional roller coaster her new family must have been through recently - this is such a difficult time for them.

I am so glad, though, that Spirit had her day in the sun. Being rescued, living at RDR, getting her "wheels", then becoming a Florida Princess. She had a life cut short, but showered in blessings.

In my thoughts in Flagstaff, AZ

Oh no! I am speechless...I am so sorry that Spirit had to go! But as you said, her last view month where just wonderfull for her and I am sure she enjoyed her life! My heart goes out to all of you who took such wonderfull care of Spirit! A big comforting hug to Florida and Montana!

My deepest condolences to Nicci and Glenn! I'm sure your sentiments gave them comfort and I believe Spirit experienced love, devotion and real caretaking for probably the first time in her life at RDR and with Nicci and Glenn. She felt safe and loved; that's comforting to those who adored her.
We're sending love, prayers and blessings to you; Nicci and Glenn.

I am so sorry for Nicci and Glen, I know their hearts must be shattered. Bless them for making Spirit's last days so enjoyable. I keep thinking, "how unfair, to Spirit, and to Nicci and Glenn, to have only had such a short time together, but then again, how special their time together was. Life is not fair, but when it is that beautiful, it almost makes up for it.
Hugs and tears,
Sherry Burnett,
Ontario, Canada

My heart goes out to all of you for the loss of Spirit. She obviously knew she was loved and enjoyed the little time she had left. My thoughts are with you.

My heart is breaking right now,hearing that little Spirit has gone over the Rainbow Bridge.I know she is free of all pain and suffering now but that doesn't make us miss her presence on Earth any less.I didn't know Spirit personally,but her picture in her new wheelchair was one of the first pics I seen when I first discovered your wonderful site.That look of joy on her face was so special.My heart goes out to Nicci & Glenn Bennett for your loss of a very special little girl.She was lucky to have you love her,even for just a short time.Love means everything to our special babies and the more you give them,the more they give to you in return.Spirit was so fortunate to haved been loved by so many people,thank you Steve & Alayne for giving her unconditional love and new parents to love her,even for just a little bit.Everyone,make sure you hug your furbabies today and tell them that you love them,time and love are all they need.God Bless all of you.

Oh how i'm saddened by passing of Spirit but i'm ever so gratefull for knowing her thru her pictures and her courage will live on forever in my memory.
I'm certain she is in a wonderfull place.
I thank spirit for allowing me to admire her courage in most difficult times of her life.

I can't believe it...I'm in shock...I just feel sick...I'm in tears. Little Spirit, whose story provided me personally so much hope anc could she be gone in such a blink of an eye? Thank goodness she knew so much love in her last months. She was so extraordinary, its sad that her newfound joy was so short-lived, but have it she did, and at least she lived long enough to know it. My heart breaks for Nicci & Glenn, I cannot imagine their pain. Bless them - and you & Alayne - for your enormous generosity & love.

I'm so sorry to hear about Spirit. As you said Steve she was very much loved right up to the end!! Thank you so much Nicci and Glen for adopting her and giving the life she so deserved!!

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