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February 21, 2007


My dog Nala has reoccurring Myositis too. You can free her jaw with meds for up to a year and then usually the dog will get it again when under stress. Transfer-factor helps as well since it's an auto-immune disease.
Hope Travis gets better.

Travis is such a sweetheart,he does look like he's smiling!I just picked up the copy of People this morning with the Ranch featured.I again cried when I saw little Spirits' picture there on the page.It's good she knew she was loved by so many after such a hard life.I hope the article in People brings more people to understanding that a animal with disabilities can live a full life the same as a healthy one.Give slurpy Travis a hug fofr me,such a sweet boy! God Bless!

Gee, somehow I missed this post in my mailbox! I am glad to have found it now, because it makes me smile, after crying all morning about dear Spirit. Travis, you are a beautiful boy, so very special. '
Ontario, Canada

Travis, you are sooo cute!...and please don't run off on any solo adventures!!

I smile every time I see a picture of Travis!!!

I love you, Travis, whether you have a pointy head or not! I hope you stop running off.

I think Travis always looks so cute in photos! He looks like a smiley, happy boy who doesn't have a care in the world. A little thing like a fused jaw doesn't seem to ruin his fun!

"Bless his pointed little head," something my grandmother used to say. Now I just wish I could remember who she was talking about or maybe it was a story about someone less fortunate. That's what the story about Travis reminded me of, so I thought I'd pass it along.
ginger & Tobias

No one could look at him and those blue eyes and call him anything but a beautiful sweetheart!


I think he's really smiling here too, cause he got away with it again! What a cutie! :)

I LOVE Travis! He has it ALL; the sultry eyes, beautiful smile and is always highly fashionable in one of his many coats. He's a real treasure and seeing him will bring many smiles to my day.

Looks like he has the biggest smile on his YES I finally got to run around!!! This is the life!!!

What a beautiful boy, locked jaw and all he along with the rest of your pack of dogs, cats & horses are very special, fortunate and grateful.
I am involved in animal rescue, volunteer wise and such and wolf conservation for the past 11 years.
I had a very long day today with my own hurdles, been following your blog and website since your segment on the national morning show, thanks for making me smile on such a personal dreary day, your efforts, compassion and huge hearts affect many more than you could imagine possible. Kudos and best wishes from Minnesota.

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