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January 25, 2007


I was so excited to your segment on the Today Show! I saw the entries in the blog about it, and immediately set my TiVo to record the whole show. I'm sure so many people will be as touched by your special mission as I am.

any one in columbus,ohio that can foster.
How can i get help?

(help needed in columbus, ohio) i adopt a stray dog from the
shelter in 2005 so we did not know his med history. So once you
adopted and something happens the shelter does not care.
mo-mo was adpoted in 2005 the day i adopted him after i payed and
took him home he had a seizure. when i first call thay were helpful
over the phone told me to bring him back and thay would help but after
thay ran some test said he was ok and i was on my own. but he had
another seizure 3 different vets told me that the seizures were too far
apart so at his age it could be normal.
Unfortunately Mo-Mo had to have Emergencies Surgery in OCT. He had a
Traumatic disc Herniation do to IVD Inter vertebral Disc Disease. Mo is
recovering He may or may not walk again.
right now we have to empty his bladder. We give him spa's he loves it. right now we got are hands full with sickness two people household one income one fighting cancer one working fulltime with un know med iss.(still being tested.)
So he need to be taken out 3 times
a day and checked to make sure he is empty. no steps-hills
or up on any thing . bike motion on back legs 3 times a day.
it is hard for me right now. I need some one who has a yard that can
take him out 3 times a day and make sure he is empty and can do his leg
motions 3 time a day. if some one can care for him. till i can get some
things i am dealing with out of the way. it would help out a lot i
realy don't wanted to give up on him or give him away. I just need help. mo-mo is 18lb's a mutt he looks alittle like your florida girl. floppy ears. cute as can be his pic is in a contest for adopted dogs check out mo-mo at

I was one of the lucky ones who caught your story on this morning's Today Show! How wonderful and heartwarming to know that there are others out there who can appreciate and love God's creatures in spite of their limitations. I am a manic animal lover, and have always shared my life with dogs. The love and joy that I have received from them for the past 60 years can never be adequately measured. I am a person of modest means, but I will make it a point to support you and your cause whenever possible. God Bless you and all your supporters for sharing your love!

I listened to Today on the radio
and am so impressed. I have a
blind puppy and don't understand why people don't want to keep their animals just because they have a handicap. I had a cat years ago that had feline aids and did all I could do to keep him alive.
Keep up the great work. You are fantastic!!

I just viewed the show on NBC. God bless you all and am sure He will. What goes around comes around. There are no better people than those that love animals.

Ginny Stewart

Great news Alayne and Steve.
Who would have thought that Spirit would touch so many lives. There is no question that my daughter Denise is thrilled beyond belief that this story is getting out into the mainstream. We're so happy that Denise was in the right spot at the right time. Bless you both!

I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll show the piece.... I see only great things happening from this. Please put the clip on your website... I won't be able to tune in tomorrow morning....

Yeehaw!!! Ya'll rock!! Be sure to mention the need for the indoor space for exercising the animals in the winter. New arena anyone????

This is so exciting! I've already fowarded the email you sent me to all my cyber friends & am calling all my non-computer ones! Too bad I don't have any TV reception! Rats! Do you think they will give you the segment to show here later? I certainly hope so! I wish everyone could be on this segment, because there would be money pouring in to the RDR!
ginger & Tobias

My Tivo is ready !!!! I can't wait. I remember how I first learned about RDR on evening magazine and fell in love with Champagne Bob. Imagine how many people will learn about the ranch on Today !

WOW, Steve and Alayne, this is great news! What a wonderful opportunity to share the experience of Rolling Dog Ranch with a national audience. I can't wait to see this story on the show. Alayne may even have her own stories to tell once she gets back from the Big City!

Alberton, Montana

Steve and Alayne - Congrats on the exposure of the ranch and all the hard work you guys put in. We are very proud of you guys and your dedication to this cause. We'll spread the word on the segment here in Kansas City.

WOW - fabulous! How wonderful for the ranch to get this kind of attention. Thank goodness for Tivo - its all set to go!

WOW! Can't wait until Friday. Hope Spirit is getting her share of air miles! Penny

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