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January 25, 2007


You are truly angels on earth. Thank you in words is not enough. I am donating money and only wish I lived closer to your Ranch (I'm from Mass) so I could volunteer. I'm a past volunteer at a local shelter and sometimes saw how difficult it was to adopt-out non-disabled animals, too...I lost my best friend (Jake, 15 y/o yellow lab mix) just 2 weeks before xmas. Seeing your story helped me understand that when I finish grieving, and am ready to adopt my new best friend, it will be a special needs dog. Thank you for all you do ~

Saw the show, it was GREAT!I was sad that I didn't see my beloved Travis featured, maybe he was into too much mischief, as usual to be taped! ha-ha Taped the segment for hubby to see that night. Like sentimental idiots, we both cried while watching! I too, hope this brings in LOTS of money so preciously needed. Love yous guys! Congratulations for the exposure, composure, and Fame! YOU deserve IT!

Awesome segment! You guys are all so special, and so is our wonderful dog Buddy ("Blind Buddy") that we adopted from you last spring. He's doing great, currently enjoying the sunshine during the day and the new heating pad in his crate at night. :-)

Susan in Missoula, Montana

I watched the segment and was so impressed with it. It was so touching to see such happy animals....great way to educate US and Canada about the love these precious critters have to share with us. Steve and Alayne, you do such amazing work with them!

I saw your segment this morning and it was wonderful! I hope it generates LOTS of good things (ie. CASH!) for your sanctuary.


GREAT story! Alayne, Nicci, & Glenn all did great, too. And didn't Spirit look adorable in her polka-dots! Steve, I hope your phone's been ringing off the hook today with new supporters!

I loved seeing everyone! I didn't want the segment to end. I hope it will bring lots of attention to the ranch and how amazing "disabled" animals are.

It was a lovely story! If anyone missed it, there's a link to the video of the story on this Today Show page: It's listed under "Friday's Videos."

It looks like the Today show has the story and video at their website. Very, very cool...thanks again for all that you do.


I just learned about your property today & was so happy to learn of the terrific work you are doing. I featured you & your Cafe Press shop on my blog, Funky Finds, in hopes of sending more donations your way. Keep up the fabulous work!

Saw the segment this morning and all I can say is "WOW!" I was so touched and moved by what you do - that is a dream for me. I do greyhound adoption and can only imagine the joy and love you receive from those special animals of yours. I am off to make a donation! Please give lots of hugs and kisses to all those special babies for me. Keep up the awesome work!

Hey Steve and Alayne - I was just out on and your video is posted on the front page there too. So I missed it this a.m. but got all the goods right on the front page. GREAT JOB.

Bravo, just saw you all! Had to go immediately to the NBC site for a replay. Awesome job & message that we hope spreads like wildfire. I'm hoping you'll be extra busy, in the best of possible ways, with new support. Congratulations!

The video and interview from the Today show are posted online at
What a great piece. Congrats!


Thank-you so much Steve and Alayne for all that you do. I have been reading your blog and spreading the word about RDR for a couple of months to all that I know and am so happy that you made it on The Today Show this morning:) I just finished watching the segment on my DVR and was brought to tears watching all of your 'kids' romping and playing. We just lost our special needs lab. last May (she was 14 1/2 years young) and really feel for, and are so grateful for what you guys do... Thank-you. We will always support and follow your work - maybe even make it from Pennsylvania to Montana some day! Laura and Mike H. Pittsburgh, PA.

My husband saw the piece this morning on the Today show. He was so touched and moved by your love for these special animals. We live on a "hobby farm" in Florida and take in "special needs" and abandoned farm animals, so your story has just validated the good that we are trying to do. You are blessed and will continue to be blessed as you care for God's special creatures!! Best wishes to you, your animals, and your endeavors.

I just saw the segment about your ranch on the Today Show. I think what you have done is simply fantastic! My husband and I picked up our two dogs while he was deployed, and they're more than just animals. They're our children. I wish more people would treat pets as more than just that. They're a great comfort and joy to me especially during my husband's absence, and I know I couldn't get through the day without the pitter patter of their feet and those huge eyes. Keep up the great work and God Bless You for your unselfishness and compassion. Sincerely, Michelle

I just saw the story on the Today Show. I just want to say I think it is a wonderful thing you do for these animals!

Hello Everyone at RDR...Just watched the segment on the TODAY SHOW this morning and it was awsome...As so was Lil' Spirit in her poke-a-dots...You all "JUST thought" you were busy before this aired this morning...I have the feelin' that the RDR's phones will be ringing off their hooks both with donations and for inquries about animals who need the kind of love and care they all get with you...Good luck...I'll be watching for up-dates

This was an amazing story and truly touched my heart. The preface of the NBC story said that you rarely see disabled dogs and animals, and while watching this piece I realized they were right. As an animal lover, I couldn't tear my eyes away from the television. I cried for the animals, but they were tears of joy because every one of them looked so happy. You have amazing hearts and an amazing place. God Bless you!

I just saw your segment on the Today Show and it touched me deeply. I love what you're doing for these animals. It truly is wonderful. I too find joy in helping animals and children with disabilities at horse stables I volunteer my time at. In the near future I look forward to adopting from an animal shelter and I will especially make an effort to adopt one with a disability as I know there is a slim chance that anyone else will want them. Keep up the great work, you are truly inspiring!

I just watched the Today show story about you and went looking for you online ASAP. You are WONDERFUL people!! I think I just fell in love about ten times over with every single sweetheart that is under your care!

I hope this story gets you LOTS of attention and donations! As an artist, I don't have a lot of money to donate, but I would gladly donate any of my paintings to the cause. (My name should link back to my art blog if you'd like to contact me about this).

I can't thank you enough on behalf of all dog lovers and animal lovers around the world. You are doing an amazing thing, and you're an inspiration for us all.

Good morning!

I am presently watching your appearance on The Today Show, and I have to say it touched my heart. If you check out my blog, you know dogs are very special to me. I train dogs to be guides for those who are blind.

I applaud your efforts and I am grateful that you have created this haven.


Congratulation on your invitation to one of the most watched shows in the united states.
I'm gratefull to you for being the guardians of such angels and I'm certain the audiences of the today show will appreciate your efforts and support the rolling dog ranch

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