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January 22, 2007


It is all good!
I am so glad this has all worked out so well. It is amazing the ripple effect one act of kindness can cause so many great things to happen, and so many beings creating happiness together.
So glad that Spirit's rescuer intervened to help a creature in distress, and now we have a kindness revolution....Best Friends style!

I never tire of hearing about Spirit, especially her new life with her loving "forever family". This has to be one of the most incredible rescue stories I've ever heard. From a life of abuse to one of absoloute pampering and love, via a place that dedicates itself to ensuring quality of life and love for disabled animals, this pup's story is truly an inspiration. Spirit is now the Pampered Princess she deserves to be!

"Florida Girl" looks stunning and adorable! Great photo!

Spirit is even smiling in this photo! I love of her flair for fashion and style. A girl can't have just one of anything!
Thank you for updating us Nicci, we're so happy and inspired by the love and care you all have for each other!
Keep us posted on how she's doing; you can never have too much Spirit!

OK, So even though the whole 'sunglasses for dogs' concepts may seem a bit on the silly side...what is very clear is that Spirit has landed with an incredibly loving and devoted family who will pamper and spoil her, and she absolutely deserves it! Long live the Queen!!!

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