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January 21, 2007


This just goes to show what goodness there is in the world! It's so great to see that this has come together so quickly for Brynn. Thanks to all the wonderful people who donated for their generosity & love.
Big hugs all around,
ginger & Tobias

This news is thrilling....Brynn can now have surgery and here's hoping that it can be completed asap!

How awesome is this!!!

Oueee, yippee, that is just incredible. This is a great thing, and will be also an advance in equine care/surgury for the Vets/students at WSU.


I am so happy for little Brynn. She is such a sweetie and deserves the best.

I am so happy that the funds came in very quickly. Although the condition isn't life threatening, it certainly sounds miserable! And it also is an enormous hassle for you two (and we all know that you have enough to do as it is, without extra hassles!). I hope she can get scheduled quickly and that everything goes very well.

Awestruck tears of joy here! Yay for everyone & Brynn's special blessings. She's clearly here for a purpose.

I've been off line for four days and look at all that's been accomplished in that time!
I'm beyond excitement and gratitude!!
What a wonderful gift to have received from your supporters!
A huge love filled thank you to everyone! Now baby Brynn body's has a chance to function properly.

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