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December 29, 2006


Hi Steve & Alayna - You might remember that I was Chance's foster mom before he came to Rolling Dog. I just found out about Chance and am incredibly choked up and sad for his loss. I remember standing there holding his lead rope on that cold January 2005 evening in his terribly neglected condition. The vet (understandably) wanted to put him down right away but I thought he deserved a second chance at life (thus the name!). I am SO glad that we made the right choice then so that he got to see the good side of life and recover (albeit never entirely) enough to enjoy it again at your wonderful sanctuary. It sounds like you had a hard choice to make but probably the right one at the right time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you did for Chance. I will hold him in my heart forever.

I have a cat who is living with lymphosarcoma right now and this really hit me hard as we are also trying to figure out when it's time for her. She's still chasing around string like a kitten so it's definitely not time right now, but I have a feeling that soon it will be our turn for that tough decision. I've tried to tell everyone I can about the horrible deaths that horses experience at slaughterhouses in the US. Hopefully if enough of us raise our voices, then it will stop. Thank you for giving Chance such a wonderful end and for raising awareness for a death with dignity instead of horror.

You gave Chance the ultimate, and most difficult gift, with love and kindness. My father now struggles at the end of his life, in "comfort care". He would only wish that our legal system would give him the same option for euthanasia. I remind myself of the wisdom you've all shared, with gratitude. Peace to you all.

Chance was special and it was because of his story and plight that I started volunteering first in Seattle and now at RDR. His past is a mighty reminder of how people have forgotten what owning a horse is about. Chance did not starve to death nor waste away in neglect because of caring rescuers. His peaceful life and passing is a tribute to RDR. To keep horses from slaughter or a slow, anquished death comes down to a simple fact. Responsible horse owners..from beginning to end. Who are those so ignorant that believe an animal does not suffer?

thanks for posting the video. truly heart warming to see his enjoyment.

I wonder how many of those slaughtered were wild horses who fell under Former Senator Burns' law that was passed in 2004.

I found your site too late for my mustang, who was partially blind on one side and crippled by a bad fence...but then he would have been in a lot of pain if we'd tried to trailer him as far as your place, too, so putting him down really was the best option. I'm sure he must be showing Chance 'the ropes' in horse heaven, tho! :)

Those statistics are staggering. This is just the reason that we've never sold any of our elderly horses. I just can't bear the thought that any of them could end up at a slaughter house. We have always let them live as long as they are comfortable and happy. They usually tell us when "it's time", even though it doesn't make it any easier. Chance had a wonderful life at the ranch. You allowed him to die the way you allowed him to live - with kindness and dignity. Thank you.

I agree, Chance definitely enjoyed his "horsey life" at the ranch....he knew he was loved! Thanks for the video clip expressing his pleasure in living at the ranch!

Thank you so much for showing that video clip of Chance enjoying rolling around! I love his sounds of contentment that he was making. It's wonderful that you gave him the opportunity to live out his life being loved & looked after with the greatest of care & concern.
I'm an armchair activist for animal rights, & getting rid of the horse slaughter in this country is one of the big ones.
Thanks again for all you do,
ginger & Tobias

Thanks so much for posting the follow-up note on Chance - what a wonderful, playful spirit! How great to remember him in his element - I have shared this clip with everyone here tonight.

I had one more thought I wanted to share - please don't feel guilty about Beauty's death. I know that you regret not putting her down earlier, but like all of your animals, she knew she was loved. When she went down, she knew you would come - and you did. And when you held her head in your laps, again, she knew she was loved. Those experiences, and the wonderful time she had at the ranch are so much more significant than the time before you arrived after she went down (she knew you would come).

The timing of euthanasia is one of the most gut-wrenching and uncertain decisions to be made. Judgements made with kind, loving motives, no mater how imprecise, are understood at some level by the animals who are so loved. I try to remind myself of that.

Peace to both of you in the new year.


What a joy and comfort to see the video! That's what Chance is doing now in heaven.

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