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November 02, 2006


Thank you so much for giving little Ricky a great place during the last months of his time on earth. You are the best.
Hugs of comfort,
ginger & Tobias

Little Ricky you were the sweetest little guy...reminding me of my beloved Owen now you are both watching over us. Thank you for taking care of him and showing him love.

Sooo sorry to hear about the loss of Ricky. You gave him the care and love he needed right to the end.

I don't know how you folks do it. I'm a medic who has dealt with death a few times. I lost my dog October 6 of this year, and I found his passing to be the most difficult thing I have ever had to deal with. I have the utmost respect for you folks because of what you do. I’m sure Ricky died knowing he was loved.

Dear little man.

Its always so sad to lose a good friend. There is no doubt that there is no more suffering. Its always great to know that these little guys are given the "Best of the Best" at your place. Thanks for being there for them.

Steve, you and Alayne and everyone involved in Ricky's care made him feel special and loved; so much so he became a "kisser", probably something he was to afraid to do before coming to the ranch. Ricky will be loved on his next journey too.
My sincere sympathy is sent to you all.

Blessings on you both for making little Ricky's last days on earth a foretaste of Paradise.

Animals give us such joy and comfort but they also can wring our hearts and break them in two, can't they? I am so happy Ricky had the last months with you and was feeling good and safe enough to give you kisses. A little cherished interlude.

Tears in my eyes!

Thank you for all you do for them, Nancy

I'm sorry for the loss of Ricky but know that he had 4 months of the best care and lovin' any little dog could have. Blessings to you and Ricky.

Bless his sweet little soul. At least his last few months were full of love. Like my sweet Cind, who also succumbed to kidney failure, it sounds like Ricky had been living with one paw in this world and one paw in the next, and finally he was ready to go. For what it's worth, now he's free of his troubled body and is no doubt romping about in meadows at the Rainbow Bridge, watching over all of you at RDR.

Hi, so sorry, your site is the first one I check each morning. He had a soft and kind home for the last little while of his life.
Thanks for being there...

I am so sorry to hear about Ricky. At least he had the months of his life a happy one!!

Steve and Alayne~~
I'm sorry you lost Little Ricky today. It's hard telling what that little boy went through before he made it to the ranch. Love is sent to you, Little Ricky, as you continue your journey.

Bless your hearts, for the good work you do.

So long little Ricky. Glad he had so much care and love in his final days with you all.

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