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September 26, 2006


I LOVE THIS DOG , watching him put his entire head in a bucket of water (His entire head) and literally suck it in, amazed me. he is full of life and his smile pulls every heart string.

Nope, Steve...thats no odd lookin' dog, why I think hes positively Bee-utiful! Much better lookin' than some PEOPLE I've passed on the street. Hee-hee! Travis' beauty is in his spirit, his sweet li'l soul and those striking blue eyes. I adore every picture of him, he melts my heart. And I just LOVE that you make him feel so much like "one of the gang" by including him in the evening treat, and yet, so SPECIAL, by giving him such a thoughtful and wonderful concoction. Hes such a Lucky and Handsome Boy!

That's a cute photo of Travis! It's great that you've worked out a way for him to have his bedtime "nightcap". Great story & you explained it so well! I'm not sure that I could. It just goes to show how much love & care you give to your charges. Thank you so very much for all the love you give.
Tobias & ginger

When I read today's blog, I couldn't help but think how much Travis is loved....he still gets his treat but it is given in a different texture suited just for him. Your ranch is amazing!! Great photo of a cute dog!

I thought I had it rough with putting pills down a foster's throat. You are great people, Travis is one lucky pooch to have gotten to Rolling Dog!

No, not too much info. Nice to know how these things work. Also nice to know you care enough to make sure he gets a treat just like everybody else. He has to go through life with a nasty handicap, so he sure deserves some extras. Bravo.

Travis simply warms my heart everytime I see him! When he's happy he smiles, when he's treatless he gives the stink eye. He's quite a character and to think....he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for you!

Of course Travis has to have his treat, too. He's a sweetheart.

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