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September 11, 2006


The moment that I first held Spirit in my arms, I knew that she longed for one human being to love her and take care of her. I had tears of joy and of sadness when I left your Sanctuary. I know, without a doubt that she will be loved for the rest of her days by dedicated , wonderful, loving people like you. Denise, Phyllis and I want to thank you again for being so kind.

claude is the sweetest dog, i fell in love with him, i am glad to hear he willl out grow some of his problems.....sweet dreams

claude looks beautiful.

i enjoy reading your site, the work you do is awesome.

Love the photos of Claude! The close up looks like he's sniffing out termites and fell asleep on the job.

Hearing more stories of Spirit's abuse makes me happier knowing she'll have winged wheels soon so she can litteraly fly around and finally enjoy safety!

Since oral and heart health are related, perhaps Oscar's oral surgery will positively affect his heart. I'll hope for that anyway.

Hope you find a third kitten Tuesday morning, too.
That would be a great start to the day!

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