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September 20, 2006


I still cannot believe Spirit is gone. I have a picture of her in her wheelchair both in my living room and office. Blessings. Claire S. Moen RN MEd.

Spirit gives new meaning to "Rolling" Dog Ranch! Great video.

Lori and Chad: You are so generous and your compassion for animals is obvious. Thank you.
Steve, I watched the video of Spirit and it is incredible...she is free and mobile!

Absolutely wonderful!!! She looks soooo cute. Great day for Spirit!

What big hearted people Chad and Lori are - thank you! Can't imagine what goes on in tiny little Spirit's head when she finds she can take off and move and explore. Wow! Spirit, you go girl!

I'm absolutely thrilled for Spirit; her new found freedom is going to lift her to new heights!
A love filled thank you to Chad and Lori for their generous gift and taking extra care of Spirit by coming out multiple times.
What a stupendous day!!!

YEAH!!! Thanks Lori and Chad for helping Spirit!!! She has a whole new world to exlpore now.

Thank you, Lori and Chad, for this tremendous gift to Spirit and for the Ranch for taking this little girl in.

Thank you Lori & Chad for your great genorisity & making sure that Spirit had the right wheels to get her up & mobile again! It's a great thing that you do. I really enjoyed the video & seeing Spirit up & at 'em! This is just wonderful!
ginger & Tobias

This video is at last!

Our family has been waiting for this day. Its absolutely wonderful to see Spirit cruising the drag with her newfound wheels. Again, we want to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for the love you have given Spirit. May God bless all.

Best video ever ! It brings tears to my eyes. A giant thank you to Lori and Chad for your incredible kindness.

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