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September 10, 2006


You continue to amaze me with the dedication and compassion you have with all the animals in your care. Cinder and her kittens have been so blessed by all of you. Thank you (from Cinder herself) and from all animal lovers everywhere.

I had a similar adventure. A friend's Lab had to have a Caesarian to deliver a stuck dead pup. After surgery the vet didn't want her to nurse the surviving 9 pups, yet she still produced milk and was very uncomfortable. Mama Dog cooperated as my friend held her and I squeezed. She seemed to feel relief to get rid of all that milk. So I'm an experienced dog milker.
You guys always figure out great solutions. Glad Cinder and babies are doing fine.

After milking a cat; you've probably taken part in just about every experience in life, Steve!
You all put in a lot of energy with Sinder's delivery. I'm so glad she's accepted her baby(s).
Hope to see more posts on the kittens in the future.
Nice delivery job, Dad!

Thank goodness you were there to help the first born kitten, along with Laura & Alayne, since Cinder didn't have any maternal instinct to start. That must have been an extremely long day with lots of stress! That's a precious kitty! Glad to hear the second was born & Cinder now is doing okay with them. Whew! I know you're relieved as well. Are you passing out Chocolate cigars?
Hugs to the proud family,
ginger & Tobias

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