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September 18, 2006


Glad to hear all is well with this new precious the choice of names for the new kitties!

Is Dr. Dave going to take one in Spark or Ash? Then will you keep the other kitten? Glad to see Cinder adjusting to motherhood.

I was trying to exhibit patience as I eagerly waited to hear more of Cinder's kittens; otherwise, I would have been emailing you too!
The kittens are adorable and Mom looks quite pleased.
Spark and Ash are purrfect names.
Good luck to the new family!
I hope they can remain residents of the ranch.

What a relief!! I'm glad Cinder and the kittens are doing well. Can't wait to see them next month.

What a precious little family Cinder has! Spark & Ash are precious. I'm so glad to hear that they are doing fine.
Hugs to all,
ginger & Tobias

Just awesome! How amazingly cute. It's the first real close-up I've seen of Cinder too. What a beautiful face! Thanks for the update.

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