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September 18, 2006


Yeah, Buzz!! I, too, am so glad Buzz got adopted thanks to Chelsea. What a wonderful photo! Will miss you, keep us up on what's happening with the big guy.

Words cannot express how i am feeling right now, God Bless you for giving buzz a new home, he deserves only the best life can give.........i am so excited.

Sooo glad to hear Buzz got adopted! He looks so happy and cute!! I know he will be loved and cherished by his furry sibling and Chelsea! Keep us updated on how Buzz is doing, Chelsea!

Chelsea and Buzz look alike ! I am so happy for Buzz and his new family.

I am so happy for Buzz! A beautiful dog. What a happy ending.


Chelsea and Buzz look like a great family!
So glad she found your website so that a dream could be fulfilled.
Good luck and have a wonderful time with each other!
Keep us updated on your adventures!

Congrats Chelsea! Buzz is such a handsome guy and it's a great photo of you two. We hope you have many happy years together. :-)

Susan & Buddy (adopted in April)

I'm so glad Buzz was adpoted. He is a beautiful dog!! Sounds like he will lots of fun playing with his new house mates!

While I am so happy that Buzz was adopted I am also a little sad. I know I shouldn't have favorites but he was my absolute favorite to read about. I sent all the Buzz updates to my husband (this one included) and wanted to contact you to adopt him but realized after reading your site that you prefer to adopt locally. I'm going to miss Buzz!

Congrats Buzz in your new forever home in Idaho with another canine & Chelsea! We wish you every happiness in the world, together.
Hugs to you & your new family,
ginger & Tobias

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