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August 16, 2006


ohhh, you guys are killing me......I've always wanted a great dane....what a beauty, baby claude is. Good thing I live in California right now!!!

Sorry to hear about all the strange weird that Buzz and the Birdie and tho Cinder didn't ingest anything she does have a full belly!! Wish I could help with the kitties. Good luck. I hear my sister and parents are coming out for a tour. Wish I could be there!!! Blessings, LuAnn

What a sweet photo of Claude & Bailey!
I had my own bad day at the vet. I noticed Tobias was licking his front paw last night while I was watching a DVD. He seldom does that, so I turned on the light & he had a cut about an inch to an inch & a half long on the top side of his foot. He only goes out in my fenced in backyard, so I have no clue how he did that. Naturally greythounds love to run, so since things have gotten dry, maybe he found something sharp. I'll never know. He was limping on it today so I called the vet to tell them I was bringing him in. He not only has a cut, but also broke a bone in his foot! His foot is all bandaged up & will have to be for 4-6 weeks! I gave him a pain pill after we got back home & a little bit later he came upstairs while I was working on the computer. How he did that, amazes me. He still hasn't gone out his dog door with his foot bandaged, so I'll have to wait & see how that works. (& I only thought he might need a few stitches!)
ginger & Tobias

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