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August 28, 2006


Alayne and Steve, I've never done a Blog before. If you need our permission to post our last message, you sure do have it.

Phyllis and John Stewart
[email protected]

Alayne and Steve,

Our family wants to thank the two of you again from the bottom of our hearts. We all slept very well knowing that we have done the right thing in getting Spirit into loving hands. Phyllis, Denise and I would like to visit soon to pay our gratitude personally for the deep devotion that we witnessed from you. God surely has angels among us.

At least the questions have been answered and you can proceed forward with surgery and getting Spirit a wheelchair. She's going to have a dog-gone good life once these two things have been accomplished.
Keep smiling Spirit, life's only going to get better!

It's not much but I pledge $10 towards Spirit's wheel chair and challenge others to do so also! What a sweet little girlie, and can't wait to see her in her chair.

I can't wait to see Sprit running along with the help of her new wheels (that will make a great video). What a beautiful soul she has. Someone must have been watching over her so she could make it to the ranch.

Thank heavens Denise was there to rescue this little girl. I'm so sorry she has experience such abuse! I'm so glad that you took her in so she can get the special treatment she deserves & needs. She has a great attitude & is perky despite her problems. I'm so glad the abusive mad didn't go after Denise! Big welcome hugs to Spirit, little girl, you have arrived!
ginger & Tobias

Oh precious're safe now.

Spirit, you have come to the right place! Soon you will be flying around the ranch in your new set of wheels!
Also, very relieved to hear that her paralysis is not due to physical abuse.

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