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August 11, 2006


Ditto to all the comments above. I believe it may be a good idea to leave the hoses out ready for action until a real good soaking rain. This was too close.

Thank the Fates you and all the animals were and are safe. From all the photos you've posted, I would never ever have thought of fire as being a danger. The photo says it all! I'm so glad you have a plan. Does it help to keep an area around the houses and barns disked clear of vegetation for several feet or does that even slow it down? I got scared for you reading the blog, looking at the flames for real must have been terrifying. Hugs to you all!

What a frightful night for you! I'm so grateful that you & the residents of the RDR are safe & the shelters are as well. What a helpless & horrible feeling, but it's great that you called out the troops of firefighters. It's wonderful to have all the help that you can get. Mother nature is a force unto herself. Seeing wildfire flames that close has never happened to me, & I hope it never does.
Hugs to all,
ginger & Tobias

Thank you God for protecting this ranch! Sooooo glad to hear that there was no loss of life or property. The team of firefighters truly are heroes!

A fire is beyond scary! Thank goodness you acted quickly and contacted the appropriate people. It's humbling to see how rapidly a fire changes course and how firefighters handle the situation.
An enormous "thank you" to everyone who helped extinguish the fire!!! You are invaluable!

Someone was looking out for you guys. Hey maybe Sammy and Geroge!! If you ever need extra help, give me a call..I know I'm an hour away but would be glad to come out and help in a moments notice. I'm glad everyone is okay!!

Oh my Gosh! Thank God, this was knocked down and didn't escalate. Its something that we pray never happens, but don't think about daily. Now I will worry about yous guys alot, until the 1st snowfall and fire season has passed! That darned lightening. Hang in there! And tell the crew/folks who tackled the fire THANKS from us Rolling Dog lovers and supporters, too! Glad its all okay! Hugs to everyone!

That was a horrible scare you had and you're very smart to have plans in place. How fortunate you had the volunteer fire dept to call. Yes, thanks to all who helped.

Thank God you're all safe. What a terrifying photo.

Debbie Burke

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