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August 10, 2006


How is sweet Buzz doing?

Poor Buzz! What an uncomfortable experience. I hope he can come home after the week-end.

Prayers and thoughts to you, Buzz, for a full recovery. xoxo

WOW...Good Luck Buzz. I will be thinking about you over the weekend and if you need a bowling ball, I have a couple!!!

Poor Buzz! Reminds me of the snake that ate his electric blanket! It's so strange when you never see them do something that can make them so sick. We're hoping he makes a great recovery without any complications. The wonderful thing about you having the dogs sleep in individual crates, is knowing who got sick. When I've had more than one dog, if one of them got sick when I wasn't right there, I never knew which one it was. You all are the best! Buzz is so lucky to be at the RDR where he gets the utmost in topnotch care.
Healing hugs for Buzz,
ginger & Tobias

Poor old Buzz! I hope he pulls through ok he is such a handsome big boy!

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