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August 27, 2006


Wow! Gulp. What a girl...

poor little sweetheart :(
I'm so glad she has found safety at the ranch.
What is wrong with people?

poor little sweetheart :(
I'm so glad she has found safety at the ranch.
What is wrong with people?

She has such a darling face!
and spirit indeed, along with quite a bit of tenacity.
This reminds me of the Faith the two legged dog (google her for the video). She was born deformed and trained to walk on her back legs by her owners using peanut butter as a reward. It worked!
According to the Vet's, Faith would have had severe and probably fatal respitory issues had she ended up scooting on her stomach as a permanent means of getting around.
I hope Sprit comes back with a positive report from Dr. Dave and her respitory problem can be cured by simply being in a cart up off her chest.
I'd love to see her experience a wonderful life, probably for the first time!
Welcome sweet Spirit!
You're in the best place you could possible be!

The poor baby. Thank you for taking her.

Steve and Alayne: can you use more collars? Can you give me the sizes you need and a favorite color?

What a heartbreaking story! Its still incomprehensible to me how some people can be so evil and cruel to animals. Thanks goodness for Denise, and thank goodness for RDR! You can see the spark in her eyes - now she will have a chance to blossom!

Oh, bless this little girl, Spirit; and sincere gratitude to Denise for rescuing her, her mom for driving her to the ranch, the Seattle folks for driving her to Missoula; Steve and Alayne for not hesitating to say 'yes' to her.

But don't even get me started about this guy kicking her.

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