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July 21, 2006


Alayne and Steve..
Thanks for being there for him. I'm sure that he knows that you "went the distance" to help him. You guys are so awesome. Jerry B

Whew, that is tough...dogs are our teachers, and this reminds me to make the most of each day, and to tell someone that makes me smile that I love them. That is what Sammy seemed to do.

I'm struck by how all your animals, so unwanted for so long, are mourned by so many. I'm giving my own dog a quiet pet, now ...

Steve and Alayne...I'm so so sorry to hear about Sammy. I can't stop crying! I KNOW what it is like to lose one of our beloved pets so suddenly!! I glad I was able to bring him home to you guys and was able to spend that hour with him. He was so sweet!! He had only just met me and he sat on my lap all the way to the ranch!! He will be missed but not forgotten!!!

I read this posting Sunday and shed tears with you, Steve. I'm so sorry to learn of Sammy's passing. My thoughts and healing prayers are entended to you, Alayne and everyone at the ranch.
I can see by your video and pictures of Sammy that this sparky little guy will be missed every day.
Love and support to you always....

I am deeply saddened to hear of Sammy's untimely death. My heart goes out to you all at the ranch. You did everything possible to give him a new lease on life....he knew he was loved and cared for! Those precious photos attest to that.

We are so saddened to read about Sammy. Our hearts go out to you during this sad time of loss in your lives. Please take comfort in knowing you gave him a wonderful life at RDR with so much love & the very best of care. You did all you could for him & he was so happy with you.
Hugs of comfort,
ginger & Tobias

Steve - Sammy's body may be gone, but he will live forever, and not just in your heart and Alayne's. The words and photos you've published here have given him life in the hearts of all of us who read the blog and who shed tears for him although we never met him.

Hey guys, I was so sad to hear of Sammys death. It just brought tears to my eyes, (I wanted to downright sob my eyes out but hard to do while sitting at the library computer). My heart goes out to you. What a shock. I send you much light and love to all the animals and people that will miss that sweet little bundle of love.

I am very sorry to read about Sammy. His life was short but at least he got to know what it was like to be loved. The work you both do is full of sadness and joy. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Chris Benton

Steve and Alayne,
I, too, am so sad to learn that Sammy died. Please accept my sympathy. You gave him so much love and I know he had to feel so lucky about that. He was such a cute dog and I'll remember him in the photo with his red toy.

I, like most of your other readers have tears streaming down my face this morning...I am so sorry. What a beautiful little guy, he was such a happy guy, and you did everything you could possibly do for him. His last few months were blessed with love and caring what more could a little dog want or need. My thoughts are with you.

Oh Steve and Alayne, I'm so sorry. You worked so hard to get Sammy stablized and healthy. I know he understood you were trying to help him and appreciated your good care and love. I'm glad you have the cute, bright-eyed photos to remind you of the dog he would have been if he hadn't had insurmountable medical problems. Maybe the necropsy will help you, the vets and other animals in the future if you ever have to deal with such a puzzling problem again.

Again, my heart goes out to you.


Poor little Sammy. Then again, he was one lucky pup because he was loved and cared for until the very end. He didn't let his illness get him down and now he is happy and health at the Bridge.

Hugs to you at this sad time.

Oh no, not sweet Sammy! I'm in tears even as I write this. My heart hurts for you and Alayne, and for poor little Sammy who never could get on top of all his health things. Bless his little sweet heart, I'm so glad he had so much love at the Ranch, even if it was for a short time. He'll be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge with the others.

I'm so sorry Steve & Alayne. :( Sending a lot of love going out to you guys..

OMG! I'm sitting here at work dripping tears all over the place. How terribly sad for you. I do some volunteer work with a rescue group and it doesn't matter how long I've fostered a kitty, when one dies it breaks your heart. I KNOW nothing can take the pain in your heart away it has to come out when you're ready but everyone around you and everyone out here reading your blog KNOWS big time how well Sammy was taken care of and how much Sammy was loved. He may have had just a few months with you but they were happy loving months and you did your very best with him. Thank you for that. With deepest sympathy.

We are so terribly saddened to learn of Sammys death. We can't understand why he was called from this earth so soon, but we know that he is now a healthy, happy lil Angel "rolling" all throught the fields of Dog Heaven with all those who have passed before him. You gave him hope, care, and a little more time, to experience being loved unconditionally. We hope his little spirit is forever joyful now! Barbara & Joe Arenal

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