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July 20, 2006


She reminds me of my black cat who passed several years ago named Olive. Maybe you can name her Olive. We found Olive on the side of highway, talking to cars...part Siamese she was very talkative.

Hi Steve and Alayne, my suggestion is "Seal" because her beautiful coat is so sleek, and has such gorgeous eyes and, I can see, a very loving nature! What a lucky li'l cat to have such a wonderful new home there!

What a pretty, and lucky girl she is!
My picks for name are:
Welcome the Ranch little one!

How old is Ms. Cat?

Would Sable or Onyx be a good name?

How about Cinder....she's black and it's fire season in Montana.


Call her BrightEyes!!
Have a great day.

Welcome to the ranch, Miss Cat, you little beauty. I also think Summer is a great name. You'll be loved and safe here.

What a beautiful cat! I really like the picture of the two of you at sunset, so... how about "Sunset"? Or "Twilight" or "Twilight Zone" aka "TZ"?

And hi from Buddy's (adopted in April, who also has PRA) mom in Missoula! He's doing great. Loves to go for walks in the cool mornings, and then drink out of his own personalized-height water bowl, aka the birdbath. :-)

Miss Cat is beautiful! As she is a black beauty, how about naming her Cinder? (as in short for Cinderella? After all, her ship has come in because she's at the RDR now!) You're her prince, Steve, because you went & got her. Welcome "Miss Cat"! You have arrived into a marvelous place. You will be cared for & loved.
ginger & Tobias

Such a pretty girl! All black with those beautiful eyes, even if they don't work too well for her. How about Raven?

How about Summer or Midnight?

Miss Cat is beautiful!!! Welcome to the ranch, precious kitty! You will be loved, kept safe, and cared for.

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