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July 18, 2006


I, too, enjoyed reading the story of Tyler's dinner routine! That last photo of him says it all..a picture of contentment!

Animals and their eating habits are sure a curiosity. I volunteer with an animal rescue group and there was trouble with a cat at the sanctuary. It wouldn't eat. They were almost at the point of tube feeding when some how someone put some food on a plate and the cat pounced on it. Turns out the cat hated bowls and would only eat dinner from a flat (no rim at all) plate! A few months later another cat wouldn't eat and someone jokingly said maybe another fine diner and sure enough it would only eat from plates too! One cat would only eat dry kibble that was laying on a paper towel. Wouldn't you LOVE to know how these things get started?!

This is just too funny!!!
A solution was found to meet Tyler's quirk, well, good for him! No one likes to go to bed hungry. :-)

That's a cute story. Tyler is looking good. Maybe in the past he was fed in a similar 'boat'?

It's great that someway, somehow, the solution was found to Tyler's lack of interest in dinner. He was just looking for the right ambiance. Maybe a little candle light & soft music would go nicely as well...simple pleasures in life can be the best.
ginger & Tobias

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