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July 30, 2006


See, there she is again, playing the cute card, with her tummy in the air just begging to be rubbed! What a little love.

BTW,thanks for the link to West Paw - I loved the looks of the bumper beds, and ordered one today for one of my elderly kitties!

It is true....Widget, you make an adorable bed tester. I agree that you need to demand $ for your cuteness!!!

Widget is such a personality I love the blog entries about her! She is a queen and proud of it :)

We can never get too much Widget! She's always a can sleeping postures bring us such delight?!?
I've bookmarked West Paw Design for future bed purchases...very cool!
Sweet dreams....

Widget looks happy and adorable on the Bumper Bed. She's such a sweet girl.

I think Widget must be part Lucy (as in Lucille Ball) because she always makes me laugh! She has such a funny personality...& the poses that she gets into are side splitters. Widget never met a bed she didn't love. What a cutie.
Thanks for the laughs,
ginger & Tobias

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