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May 24, 2006


Cookie sounds like a great match for Heather! It warms me to know she's blossomed; gained trust and security under Heather's care.
What a great story!

Dear Steve & Alayne: I am absolutely tickled and have nothing but happy tears running down my now drenched face! My husband and I fell in love with cookie when we received your (paper version) of your newsletter when she first came to you. As fate would have it, a "puppy mill" springer I soon found out was not safe and in need of a home immediately! A friend flew her to Montana from Texas and after having several of her teeth removed many vitamins, supplements, good food and LOTS of LOVE she is a thriving, full of the "spring" lovebug! We truly appreciate all you do for our furry kids her in Montana and surrounding areas and will call to set up a time to come and visit all of you.

Heather and Cookie--That's great you'll be living in MT and can keep in contact with the ranch. That's wonderful Cookie is thriving!

Steve and Alayne: All the love and compassion you show the animals is so worth it. It is especially heartwarming to hear about these special critters and how much they are loved in their new homes. Cookie is quite the cutie! Keep up the great work!

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