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May 04, 2006


It is so great to see that a place was found for this wonderful dog. He's been posted for a long time on a site that I administer at - you can see a picture of Emmy in his original pen before he was rescued on the urgent page where he's been posted for a long time - he had lived there his whole life with a little terrier mix and they had to remove the cage in order to get them out. When they first got Emmy out she crawled everywhere because she couldn't understand what being out in the world meant. So what an adventure life at the ranch is going to be! What a gift!

God bless Mika, for Emmy is a beautiful little blessed soul now. She will be treated with love and kindness and comfort. Can't wait to meet her. I had a Catahoula like her once. No dog should ever be treated so inhumanely. I hope the people were punished severly for their cruelty. Enjoy your new home, Emmy, and the sweet joy of Steve and Alaynes loving hearts. See you soon!

Thank you RDR and thank you Mika, and may sweet Emmy know she is safe and loved evermore. I am so happy for her, there are tears in my eyes.

Give her a tummy skritch for me!


In a world full of cruelty, it is good to know that people like Mika and everyone at RDR exist. Please send kisses to Emmy. She is a beautiful girl who deserves a beautiful life full of love and happiness.

What horrible conditions Emmy was in! I cried when I read how she was kept! This sweet and lovely girl has paid her dues and truly deserves to be at RDR.
Welcome sweet Emmy! You can relax now because you'll be bathed in love and protection from now on.

You guys are just amazing. I can not understand how people can be so miserable.

But you and Alayne give me hope for humanity.

Take care and have a great weekend.

Welcome to the ranch, Emmy, you're a lovely girl. And thanks to Mika for paying your way and asking for help. You'll have a good life now, sweet girl.

Emmy looks like a real sweetheart. Bless you Mika for saving her from being destroyed & paying her fare to get her to RDR! You are an angel for doing all those wonderful things to save such a sweet creature.
Emmy looks like she knows she has reached a loving place. I know she will thrive with all the love and attention at the RDR.
Welcome Emmy, you have live through some horrific things, but you have arrived at your just reward!
Big welcome hugs,

Welcome Emmy! She is such a cutie pie.

How wonderful for sweet people like Mika to do the right and generous thing. :o)

What a heart of gold Mika has for neglected animals!
Welcome Emmy! You are beautiful and I know you will soon be enjoying the high life with the rest of the precious pooches at the ranch!

Thank you guys for taking in Emmy! I miss her but I know she is safe with you and will have a great life on the ranch. I hope she learns to roll with the rest of them. Please give occasional updates on who she's friends with and what's new with her.... I'll never forget her. Never ever.

She looks young and beautiful! Do you know how old she may be? Hopefully, young enough to have not suffered for too long (like even a day is too long) and will completely get over the memory of her days before RDR! Good job!

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