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April 30, 2006


Welcome O.J. She looks soft and cuddlely.

O.J. is such a pretty cat! What a great addition.

What a precious cat you are, OJ!!! You will be living the high life at the ranch...loved and cared for.

Such a beautiful girl! And look at the size of those paws! Welcome to the ranch, OJ, you will have a wonderful life there!

What a pretty girl!
Welcome to the RDR, O.J.!
I hope you enjoy many purrrfect years at the ranch. :-)

Welcome to the ranch, O.J., you little beauty and thanks to Diane M. who noticed your needs. You'll have lots of love now.

Hi O.J.,
You're one lucky cat to find yourself at the RDR! As you will soon discover, it's a marvelous place! You will get plenty of love & attention, plus great food & medical care. You'll have all kinds of new friends, shelter from the outdoors, when it's not so pleasant, but great outdoors when it is. Congrats on your new wonderful home!
ginger & Tobias

Welcome OJ! You are in the best of hands. :)

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