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April 05, 2006


Beautiful quilt! If we'd known about the raffle we would have bought a ticket toooooo!

How about more raffles?

What a gorgeous quilt! Barbara is talented and brilliant to come up with the raffle idea.
Thank you Barbara and Scott for your creativity and generosity!
A big thanks to those who bought raffle tickets too! Let's keep the love and support going!

What a beautiful quilt and monetary gift to the ranch. Thanks to all who bought tickets. Pappy and Gang look like they're having fun mingling!

Scott & Barbara, what a beautiful thing you have done for all the wonderful animals at the RDR. The quilt is BEAUTIFUL! I think you could have even raised more money, if we'd known about it on the website....but that took so much work! What a true gift you have given! Thank you so much!
Big hugs from Texas!

What a great quilt and a wonderful gift. Wish I'd known so I could have bought tickets too.


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