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April 02, 2006


Glad to see Pappy doing so well. Older dogs are so dear.

Those precious pooches allow their charming personalities to shine in these photos!!!! Keep capturing those Kodak moments...they are priceless!! Life is grand when you can nap whenever and wherever you want! Dogs rule!

I don't understand why people hurt animals? I'm so glad Dillon ended up with you... what is wrong with people?

great to see Pappy, he is looking as cute as ever. I was wondering how he was doing. Dillon is a cutie too...I love the old guys.

Those are the cutest couples shots. It's good to see Pappy,I'm glad Dillon has come so far; and, Widget on Birdie's tail is so sweet.

Loved the photos! That big bed is really loved. It was nice to see Pappy in a photo with Dillon. Widget is such is funny girl, she seems to love to curl up with anyone avalible. That bed was the "show stopper" of the day.
Big hugs to all!

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