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April 13, 2006


Hi! im shelia from heavenly horse rescue im sandys neice. I was there to pick up luna from the kill buyer . The short time that she was at the ranch everybody said if you dont find a good home for her ill buy land and take her she was one of the nicest horses we have ever got in. I am so thankful that you took her in and made the pain go away.THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH FOR PUTTING HER OUT OF HER MISERY!!!!!


Hello Steve,
I met you and Luna at Bill's clinic as he worked on her eye infection last week. Praying Luna is recovering successfully.May God bless you and all you do in your wonderful work.Looking forward to seeing an update on Luna's condition.Give her a good scratching on the withers for me as she certainly deserves it! Isn't Bill just the greatest vet ever!
My best to everyone @ RDS,

I met Luna at HH right after she was rescued. She is one of the sweetest horses I have ever met. I can never thank God enough for people like you who take in these wonderful animals. They all deserve the life you provide for them. I hope you will be able to post photos soon of Luna enjoying her new, pain free life. Thank you, you are wonderful!!!!

i met Luna here in colorado at the rescue i got my two new horses from. when i saw her it made me cry!! i am so happy she is doing better.

Sooooo glad to hear the surgery went well for Luna. I'm sure she feels like a new 'girl'!! You are begins again on the ranch for her, a place of love and care!

I have tears in my eyes reading this. I am so glad Luna (what a pretty name, and perfect for her coloring!) is finally getting the care she deserves.

I can't wait for the photo of her in the green pasture, head up proudly instead of hanging in despair, happy with her friends.


Bless your soul, Luna, for you are an Angel on four legs. We are so extremely sorry that you have been in pain for so long. It saddens us that no one helped you earlier. We are just so grateful now that the call was made to the RDR so you have finally gotten the medical attention that you have been needing all this time. We certainly hope that you are feeling much better now.
Big hugs & kisses, poor are now in the best hands and will LOVE living at the ranch. Can't wait to meet you!!

That is so truly sad that she was in such pain for so long and at the hands of a human no doubt.
Thank you for taking her in and getting her the care she deserves and needs. You all are so wonderful!!

Luna has sure experienced a lot of pain and suffering but now she can relax in knowing she's finally HOME. Enjoy your life sweet girl!

Love to you Luna. You're safe now.

I am so happy for Luna today. She will now start feeling much better and start to love life even more. She is a wonderful mare who truely recieved a second chance at life thanks to some wonderful caring people.THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!

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