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April 13, 2006


A dog's sense of smell is incredible. Hounds have an even greater sense of smell, beyond any of our imagination. My hound dog is amazing. Maybe Buddy has some Hound dog in him? He retraces his own scent trail to find his way around? He can easily tell it from all the other dogs.

We had our little completely blind guy (Jake) for 13 years. He was blinded at the age of 2 when a larger dog bit him. People were always amazed at how well he got around. They had to be told he was blind. He was less than 15 lbs - - a big dog in a little dog's body. Jake was a trooper and his nose and other senses took over when he was blinded. He rarely ran into things and accompanied us on many hikes in the mtns., camping, etc. Disabled or handicapped weren't words in Jake's vocabulary. Sadly, he passed on in Nov. 1998.

We now have a three legged (now 8 yrs) rescued Aussie who lost his leg while herding a riding lawn mower prior to us springing him the local pound. Again, handicapped and disabled aren't in his vocabulary either.

Amazing and wonderful. Good for you, Buddy!

That is truly amazing! Buddy is a wonderdog! I've often read where people who loose their sight have heightened awareness in their other senses, so it is not apparent that Buddy has done this as well. Fantastic! We know that you do amazing things at the RDR, so with your love & care, see what Buddy accomplished?
Big hugs to all,

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