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April 23, 2006


hi! We use large compost bins for our doggie poo too! We have a small dog boarding kennel that uses finely shredded pine mulch in the runs and we just scoop it up with the poo and put it all in the bin. Our bins look very similar to yours, but I can't remember their brand off the top of my head. It stays warm here nearly year round, which heats up the pile and processes it very quickly. New 'deposits' already have an earthy smell the next day. I rarely need to add water, but I think this is because the mulch is so porous and it is so humid here to begin with. If I add too much water, the bin gets stinky. Pine bark mulch has an acidic pH and I often wonder if that helps the process in some way too. I also throw in leaves for good measure if I have them. Thanks for providing great info!

Now this is interesting information! I'm going to pass it along to my pal who has a dog sitting business. She has 8 dogs of her own and anywhere from 12-20 dogs in her yard a day.
Happy composting to all! ;-)

Even worms like variety ;)

That's marvelous! My backyard is always much more lush & green than my front (because the dog poops in the back). I've always said that buying quality dog food serves several purposes, one being that I don't need to fertilize the backyard.
Great job on the research & the implementation! You never cease to amaze (and please) me!
Big hugs with kudos,

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