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April 18, 2006


Please give Evelyn a kiss from me. And keep us posted on her recovery. Thank you for taking such good care of her.

Good girl, Evelyn! You're still in the driver's seat! So glad you're pain free now with your problem eyes taken out. If they don't work & they hurt, who needs them? We're so glad that you are up & at 'em. We're sending you big hugs for being such a sweetheart.

Sweet Evelyn,
You're such a good dog and now you won't have any eye discomfort. You're so lucky to live at the ranch. Heal quickly. x0x0

Wow...she had quite a list of eye problems! I'm so glad her surgery was successful! She's a good girl; I hope she finally feels relief and continues to heal well.

What a precious baby! Too funny to hear that the girl didn't forget her fave spot in the truck! Glad to hear she is in good spirits and won't be suffering.

I just love how Evelyn managed to rally enough to grab the driver seat!

What a sweetheart, I'm glad she won't be in pain from her eyes.


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