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April 21, 2006


Buddy is doing just great! He "points" my cats (maybe has some pointer or setter in him???) and has discovered that he prefers to drink out of the birdbath instead of the nice new water bowl I bought him. He's a funny guy. Everyone who meets him says how handsome he is, and they can't believe he's blind. We love him so much already.

What a heart-warming story! Buddy, you will never want for anything! Thanks, Steve and Alayne, for giving this boy a new lease on life so he can now have a "forever" home with Susan!

What a sweet picture. Buddy is a handsome fellow, and I am sure will really enjoy his new home.

I'm so happy for Susan, Buddy and Dalia! May you frolick in many years of happiness!

Good for you Buddy!

It's always so wonderful to hear when one of the animals gets a loving new home. Just makes my day!

That's such a beautiful photo of Buddy and Susan S. How nice Susan wanted to add Buddy to her home with Dalai.

Happy trails to Buddy & Susan! We wish ya'll (yep, we do say that here in Tx) a very happy life together with Dalai. Nothin' but blue skies...and big hugs*)
ginger & Tobias

What a nice new addition to the humans & Dalai has a new handsome friend. And a ball and a hedgehog, my goodness, & Buddy knows where the new crate is. These furfaces who are blind are so amazing, ala the story of Nikki & the corral rails. So much for Buddy to explore this summer. Congrats to all of you.

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