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April 10, 2006


Hi everyone, I am one of the three people who rescued Luna in Denver. She is one of the sweetest horses, and still loves people after everything she has been thru. I want to give a huge thankyou to everyone who made this possible for Luna. Without the wonderful people at our rescue in Denver, or without everyone at the RDR, this would not have been this great of an outcome. Thank you again, Steve, for accepting Luna at your ranch. I am happy for her!!!

Oh my God, how could this of happened. Poor sweet thing, in such pain and easy to handle. I am really saying a prayer that if this was caused by a human, for her to find the strength to forgive such inhumanity. Thank God you found her.

How much cruelty has Luna experienced?! Soooo glad you were able to take her and promptly have her medically treated! Life for her and the diabetic dog will never be the same at your ranch. Keep up the great work of love and compassion for animals!

That poor horse. She looks so miserable and hopeless. I cannot wait for a photo of her in a month or so, feeling better and happily munching in the pasture and enjoying life in the sun!

Thank you.



I'm one of the volunteers at HH Rescue, and almost adopted Luna before you all stepped in (a much better option!). I just wanted to say thanks so much for what you all have done for her. She's such a fantastic horse, and it makes my heart glad to know that she's going to be with other horses and well taken care of for the rest of her life. You all are amazing and I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you're going to be doing for this sweet girl.

Christa H.

My love goes out to Luna!
What a terrible ordeal she's been through, who knows what else was done to her. I'm sure it feels good to have comforting and non-threatening hands on her (as in the pictures). I hope her Vet visit goes well.
Thank you for taking her!
Luna is right where she should be now! :-)

Luna, you're in good, safe hands now. Looking forward to 'meeting' you--and the new diabetic doggie.

Welcome Luna! It breaks my heart to think about what human beings have done to you! I am sooo happy for you that you had a chance to come to the ranch! There you will be safe and I am sure happy as well!
Lots of hugs from Phoenix!

I cannot even address the humans who took this action to Luna's body because you would not post my words but I can address Luna: her fright, her pain, her new sightless world filled with new fears. Tears come as I write even this small bit ... Luna will be this way forever because of someone's anger. What would we do without RDR's unconditional love & full medical care & the chance for Luna to have a new life in new surroundings & new friends. I would like to 'pop' for Luna's exam & beginning treatment so I hope you post the costs. Thank you, all of you, at RDR.

Luna, you may not know it yet, but you are one lucky lady! You are going home to a wonderful place called the Rolling Dog Ranch! But wait, they don't just have dogs there! They have cats and horses, too! You will be treated like the queen that you really are! You will get excellent care with lots of love and attention and good food! We are so glad that you are going to have such a grand new home! We are really excited for you "Lucky Luna."
Big welcome hugs!
ginger & Tobias (the greythound)

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