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March 30, 2006


My feline companions and I are crossing our fingers and toes that Lonesome George can make a comeback. Thank goodness he has love and good care from all of you at RDR and Dr. Bill!

George, love is sent to you. I'm hoping you get better.

Poor George, we are so sorry that you've been feeling so bad, & have to be away from your good home. We are sending you hugs and good thoughts all the way from Texas in hopes that you will regain your appite & start eating again.

I am keeping George in my thoughts ! I hope he gets better and back to his old self soon.

Hang in there No-Longer-Lonesome George. Stopping the chemo, and clearing the blockage, I am hoping for some good days ahead...

Lonesome George, I am sending you lots of hugs and best wishes that Doctor Bill discovers what is bugging your system. Then hopefully he will be able to prescribe appropriate treatment.

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